Published On: 12/07/2016

VerkoopMXSell your vintage  dirt bike here! (Soon)

Many of you have asked us if it was possible. And the answer was always: “No, but……..”. But now, around September 2016 the answer will be “Yes, of course”. What are we talking about?  Well, at the start of we we’re frequently asked by our readers if it was possible to sell vintage dirt bikes on this site. We had to answer negative the whole time. No matter how much we wanted it, the website was just not suited to do such thing. The layout and the engine behind our website just doesn’t suit with the idea of selling dirt bikes on it (at least not in a professional and good way). But the question kept on coming and that made us think.

We gathered advice where possible and thought out this idea until we had a basic concept. The result is that we can announce with pride that there will be built another website just for offering dirt bikes and parts until 1995. Mid-September the site must be online. And that in no less than 6 languages. The six languages are needed because the site will run in whole Europe and needs to be readable in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. We’re seeing it big and that’s needed because vintage mx-racers and restorers need to seek and travel further and further to find the vintage bikes and parts they want. There are no specialized sites hereabout whereby those involved need to skim standard selling sites in their own country with very little success. It will be possible for private only retailers to offer parts and bikes as well as for specialized dealers.

So keep an eye out on because we will keep you posted on news. will of course just continue just like the way you used to, only that there will be a new site coming in a couple of months. As for the rest we will not reveal anything about the new site, or it had to be the first three letters of the new site, There you go……….